Manuscripts received in the “Човешки ресурси & Технологии = HR & Technologies” journal go through the following stages of review:

  1. Each submitted paper is subject to an initial assessment by the editorial board. The editors check the compliance of the manuscript with the goals and scope of the journal and other announced requirements.
  2. If it goes through this first stage, the manuscript is sent to two independent reviewers. The journal applies the principle of double-blind anonymous review.
  3. After receiving both reviews, the editorial board decides whether to accept or reject the manuscript. It is necessary to match the opinions of the reviewers. In case of dissenting opinions of the reviewers, the Editor-in-Chief may appoint a third reviewer for arbitration.
  4. The manuscript can be accepted without remarks or with minimal corrections. This does not require new intervention by reviewers.
  5. The manuscript can be accepted with a recommendation for more serious corrections. This requires reviewers to confirm the correctness and admissibility of the changes made, after which the editor-in-chief decides to publish.
  6. The manuscript can be returned to the author for major revision and a new review procedure.
  7. If the manuscript is rejected, it cannot be resubmitted to the journal.

To standardize the process of reviewing and approving manuscripts for publication, the journal uses a standard review form.

Reviewers are required to observe the principle of confidentiality and not to comment with a third party on the content of the article and the data used in it. When a conflict of interest is identified, the reviewer must notify the editor-in-chief.

The term for reviewing a manuscript is not more than 10 working days from the receipt of the manuscript. If there are objective reasons for submitting a review, the reviewer is obliged, within two days of receipt, to notify the editorial board that he is unable to fulfill this obligation.