Manuscripts of articles are accepted at e-mail address: journal[at]

The manuscript acceptance is accomplished after an e-mail confirmation of the received and registered manuscript is sent to the author.

NB! The personal data of the authors should not be written in the files of the proposed manuscripts. Information about the authors (full name, degree and title, current place of work, address of the institution and e-mail address) should be sent in a separate file.

The authors present the manuscripts in Bulgarian and / or English. If the manuscript is in Bulgarian, a title, abstract and keywords in English must be submitted too. Authors are not remunerated for their articles published in the journal.

For sending and publishing articles, the authors pay a fee of EUR 60, which is sent by bank transfer after submitting the final version of the article .

The IMRAD format is recommended for the preparation of papers. All articles are checked for plagiarism with software – Advego Plagiatus. Editors may also choose to run a similarity report at any other point during the review process or post-publication using the another standalone tool. The percent of unique text should be at least 80%.

The manuscript of the publication must meet the following requirements:

  1. Title – clearly and precisely formulated, relatively short.
  2. Summary – a summary that includes research objectives, methodology and results.
  3. Keywords – accurate and sufficient.
  4. Introduction – should point out the purpose of the research and the actuality and relevance of the scientific or practical problem; to contain an overview of the of the problem and an overview of the literature or applied practices; to derive research or practical questions and hypotheses.
  5. Methodology and data – the methods used should be correct, including appropriate references to already published similar methods. The indicated data should be cited from reliable sources.
  6. Results and conclusions (conclusions) – the results should be clearly presented, correctly interpreted and show improvements in the way the data is used. Conclusions should be important, valid and supported by evidence.
  7. Cited sources (references).


The manuscripts must meet the following technical requirements for publication:

  1. Article template;
  2. Instructions for the layout of the articles.


Permissible volume for manuscripts:

  • for articles – from 11 to 15 pages;
  • for micro-articles, reviews, dissertation abstracts – up to 10 pages.

Articles approved by reviewers are not subject to language or style editing. Articles submitted for publication must be original and have not been published before or be in the process of being reviewed and prepared for publication elsewhere. Reviewers have the right to make minor editorial corrections to the manuscript. After accepting the article, the authors must declare their consent and grant the publisher the exclusive right to publish. Authors may use the article or part of it in their future work without the permission of the publisher, but this will require citation of the original article.